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Meet the team

Meet the consortium members!

  • University Gustave Eiffel: The researchers involved, from LEOST and SII, teams of the COSYS department, are working on GNSS signal propagation, accuracy and integrity monitoring schemes, channel modelling, 3D map-based solutions. They are involved in several national and European projects dealing with the development of fail-safe positioning solutions for road and rail (see Gate4Rail, ERSAT GGC...)
  • CRIStAL, Research center in Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control of Lille) is a laboratory (UMR CNRS 9189) of the National Center for Scientific Research, University of Lille and Centrale Lille in partnership with Inria and Institut Mines Telecom. The ToSyMA  team of CRIStAL Lab will work on fault tolerant multi-sensor fusion, diagnosis, fault detection and identification, vehicle localization. The ToSyMA team is involved in several national and European projects in the domain of robotics and intelligent transportation system.
  • M3Systems (M3S) is a private SME founded in 1999 in Toulouse. From the very beginning, M3S has specialized in Radio-navigation technologies (GNSS) and Air Traffic Management (ATM). M3S commercializes GNSS dedicated testbeds used for the assessment of GNSS receiver performances, including GNSS simulators, GNSS record and playback and data collection campaign solution. M3S also develops localization solution based on the hybridization of GNSS with other sensors for safety critical applications (such as rail, or autonomous vehicles).

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WP3 devoted to "Fault tolerant collaborative localization of multi-vehicle system" and WP4 about "Interference effects on GNSS signals - Detection and mitigation" start.



GNSS signal generation with STELLA NGC and I&Q records on a USRP


LOCSP ready to start for 4 years!


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