New paper presentation in Denver @ION GNSS+ 2023

A global presentation of the project done during TRA (Transport Research Arena) conference

New LOCSP-related presentations!

Offre de stage de Master "GNSS Interference detection and characterization through Machine Learning/Deep Learning approach"

LOCSP has been represented in Denver, Colorado

LOCSP project reaches its mid-term!

Ali Kazim presented his work during the Journée Régionale des Doctorants en Automatique 2022 (JRDA2022) which has been organised by CERI SN (IMT Nord Europe- Douai) and GIS GRAISyHM.

See the presentation sent to ION ITM on the Impact of Jamming on Horizontal Protection Level and Integrity Assessment for Terrestrial Localization

First paper on the LOCSP work on interference mitigation is presented with video on demand at ION ITM 2022 conference, january.